these are the risks of piercing the ears of a newborn


The Academy of Pediatrics warned about the risks of this practice so common in girls to put hoops

One of the most common customs about a newborn girl is the placement of hoops, piercing her ears. However, the Academy of Pediatrics warned about the dangers of this practice that has some who accept it and others who do not accept it.

Some assume that when they grow up they will want them drilled, but when they are babies, they do not remember the pain it causes. Other parents decide to do it early, so there is no question about the sex of the baby. As for the others, they simply do it for something cultural.

However, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend waiting to pierce the girl's ears to avoid the risks involved in the piece of metal in a newborn. They can get stuck in clothes and putting them in the mouth can cause health problems.

Some parents do not even wait a few days to put on the earrings, but do so a few hours before the baby gets the tetanus shot, which usually takes two months to live. This vaccine is also given at age 6 and 15, and doctors recommend drilling after 3 rounds.

Another precaution that is reported is that the rings are made of gold, and that the equipment needed for the piercing is not only correct but is properly sterilized. At worst, this can cause your daughter to have an infection and increase the chances of getting hepatitis.

Another complication are allergic reactions, which can cause an infection in the earlobe by the metal that was used to do the drilling.

Controversy for the decision to put on baby rings, is it invasive for them?


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