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these are the possibilities of finding love this year according to the zodiac

Though we sometimes deny it, we all seek love. These are the possibilities you have to find it according to your zodiac sign. The horoscope reveals if this year you will.


Over the next few months, you'll be very focused on your career and your travels, so you probably will not have new or lasting relationships. However, that's fine. You will be able to focus only on yourself and will continue to have fun with the people you meet throughout the year. If you really want to meet someone, enjoy when Mars is in your sign (until February 14) to look for new options, or leave for New Moon on August 1st.


You may find new (or old) suitors and long relationships. Finding the love that you truly deserve is taking forever to arrive. Wait to analyze what you give and receive in your relationships and how you convey what you want. This is a fair time when you can really feel the union with another person. Open your heart and body and let love come in.


This is your year for love. During the previous years you have grown spiritual and individual and this will cause you to connect with potential candidates. It's true that you had a couple of complicated years in love, but you have to know that the Universe is about to open up new opportunities for you. By December 3, you will have a chance to meet someone. In addition, the person you meet will have a lifetime potential written on them. If you are already involved, be sure to look for ways to take your relationship to the next level. Be straight with what you need for someone to take your hand forever.


If you have focused on yourself in recent years, 2019 is likely to reward you with new lasting spiritual friendships, a life partner, or favorable professional relationships. This way, in general, their relationships seem very positive. Some important dates for you to watch out for are January 5, in which an "open door" to love will be held, with a highlight taking place on July 16. Another eclipse will appear on December 26, paving the way for you to have happier relationships.


The potential for meeting someone new and exciting is considerably high in the coming months. But certain changes in your life can bring challenges that will require you to adapt and be somewhat flexible. It will be a great year for love with Jupiter, the planet of miracles, dancing in your House of True Love and Romance until December 3. Get out and shine like the star you are.


You may find yourself or connect with favorable long-term romantic candidates, but you will need moderate exuberance from the start, along with clarity and discernment of intentions. Once you are facing the right person, things will flow. If you want to meet someone special, it is important that you go with an open heart. Two eclipses come in your House of True Love and Romance, which means you will see the destiny in your life. This will happen on July 16 and December 26. Also, stay tuned for New Moon on August 30th.


The chances of finding someone special can be low, especially if you were born in the last days of Libra. You may have to work on issues related to new or old connections and your sense of identity. In the coming months, you will be taking care of yourself and what you really want for your life. Some important dates to remember are March 21 and April 19. Use these dates to create the life you want. In addition, with Mars through its marital zone from the beginning of the year until February 14.


You'll be more focused on uploading the numbers to your bank account. Do not worry, love is still for you. If you are looking for, you should focus your attention on New Moon on March 6. The influence of the moon will help you add options to your contact list. But New Moon on May 4 can help put someone "marital material" on your radar.


You can meet someone with whom you have a personal and spiritual relationship. However, to turn this into a relationship, you will have to be clear and direct with your intentions from the beginning. So stop saying, "I do not know, let's see where it's going," if you really like someone and want a relationship. It's a good time to partner because Jupiter will give you more luck and fortune in all areas of your life until December 2019. Set an intention for what you want to happen in your love life until 2019 and the Universe will provide that.


It's time for you to level up and look for bigger and better joints, Capricorn. You are always so strategic when you look to the future and this year will put a great deal of emphasis on your long-term vision. You have three major eclipses in your sign, as well as an important highlight for marriage and society around July 2. If the person with you is not really the right person, maybe it's time to find someone even better. So do not worry because that person is out there and in the next few months you could meet her.


If it's about love, this is a more common year for you. You are likely to expect instant connections, unsustainable connections that are new, exciting, and sudden. In other words, you can meet people who are temporary, but really fun. Since Jupiter will pass through your House of Friendships, it is not a bad idea to go out with your friends and meet new people without any expectations. If you are looking, ask your friends to come up with new options.


If you want to meet this special person this year, there is good news and do not wait any longer. The chances of this happening are very good. You probably know someone with whom you have a good connection. You are known for your dream nature, so do not go too fast. Take your time and meet someone before going all-inclusive.

To get the best out of it, put your attention in mid-August to September. It is a good time to associate, commit or even marry. You will have five heavenly bodies that will bring you luck in the wedding department. So, look ahead and write what you want in a relationship and follow the steps to find someone special.

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