Wednesday , June 16 2021

There is no outbreak of hantavirus in the territory of Buenos Aires | Chronic

After confirming the transmission of three cases in San Pedro, Zárate and Navarro – besides the infected patient in Lomas de Zamora -, it was officially reported that there are four cases of hantavirus registered in the territory of Buenos Aires.

In any case, the director of Epidemiology of the province's Ministry of Health, Iván Insúa, he assured that "We are not facing an outbreak" in the most populous district of the country.

The official said the cases are those of the 26-year-old man hospitalized at Gandulfo de Lomas de Zamora hospital; the 41-year-old patient from San Pedro, who is at Clínica Constituyentes de Morón; a 20-year-old Navarro admitted to General Rodriguez and a man from Zarate. "They are all well and evolving favorably, the patient of Zarate is more complicated and we follow his evolution day by day".

On the other hand, he insisted that "in all cases, it is a tension different from that of Epuyén", in Chubut, where there was an outbreak that caused ten deaths, whichand "the situation continues within the usual in the province" and that the appearance of "more cases".

"In Buenos Aires we usually have 25 cases a year, we are in the usual situation, so there is no need to be alarmed because there is no inter-human contagion and there were no deaths, in all these cases the contagion occurred from rodent to person rather than person to person.person (as in Epuyen) ", he finished.

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