There is a slight fall in prices due to promotions and sales


Representatives of consumer associations and economic advisors warned that today the gondolas register dispersion and low prices.

Focus Market reported that the drop in consumption has forced sellers to offer lower prices. "In Argentina, prices almost always adjust, although sometimes prices can decrease through promotions," said the consultant. Nelson Pérez Alonso, of the company Claves. "There is a price collapse that no one knows how much things are worth." Actually measuring prices is impossible because there are list prices, discount per day of the week, discount on the card, etc., etc. Gaps for similar things can be higher than 30 % ", estimated Pérez Alonso. This consultant explained that the inflation and the abusive communication scheme of the supermarkets, never sanctioned by the Secretary of Commerce, distorted everything.

Osvaldo Bassano, of the Association for the Defense of the Rights of Users and Consumers (ADDUC), warned that the dispersion of prices causes situations and contradictory forces to be very careful in calculating them. "What you charge in Palermo is not the same as in other parts of the country. If you start to get prices to see where it is cheaper, you will see that different places are cheaper or more expensive, depending on the item," said Bassano .

"In addition, in neighborhoods where trucks do not enter, the liter of milk costs $ 34 and in the hypermarket, $ 30, because there are days when prices drop because no one is going," Bassano said. The ADDUC leader also commented that many retailers find it difficult to continue working, but are resisting to see what happens in March. "Prices may also be dropping because there are people who decide to close," he lamented.

On the other hand, Hector Polino, of Free Consumers, questioned the increase in toll, electricity, gas and drinking water. "These increases change the cost structure and go directly to prices. Logistics alone affects 35% of the cost structure," he said. In addition, Polino referred to food prices. "Faced with falling sales, there may be some manufacturers who deliver products at a lower price than resellers, so they do not pass the due date. Many would rather lower the price and decrease profitability," he explained. (Télam)


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