Friday , October 22 2021

"There is a misleading ideological interpretation of public services"


While workers continue juggling to survive, the government led by Mauricio Macri continues to authorize increases in all sectors. In this way, the tariff for electricity, gas, transportation and even water should increase. Meanwhile, the president of the Association for the Defense of the Rights of Users and Consumers (ADDUC), Osvaldo Bassano, questions the measures.

In January the water increases, the percentage is of 30%, light, transport, gas. On the transport issue, there are sharp increases because the subsidies are removed. In water there should be no increase because it is poorly measured, also a state-owned company can not put quantities, as there are many irregularities, as in the case of AySA, remarcó the reference of consumers.

And in that same line, he added: In light of the problem, you want to compensate the company for your losses, and another point is the reduction of the subsidy. We see it they are dollarized services and goes against the provision of service. The State transforms the tariff into a financial rate. The issue of removal of subsidies to increase transportation, in addition to complaints of increased prepayment, school fees and the transfer to the food to come.

Despite the fact that the entity has made legal proposals, Bassano insisted that there is no other way out. Beware of the naphtha, oil companies and service stations want to increase 10% more. The question is how do we pay. The transfer of Edesur and Edenor to the province and the city is a problem, he said, during an interview with Novaresio 910.

There is a misleading ideological interpretation of public services, According to the Constitution, we should all have access to services and this is not the case. They will continue to increase but at some point it will not be possible to pay, lamented Bassano, who assured that they will continue to seek to defend the interests of consumers by going legally.

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