There are 57 flights canceled and 7,000 passengers affected by a surprise measure of union strength


A surprising measure of strength of the aeronautical corporations paralyzes again the operations in Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, in Ezeiza and in several airports in the interior of the country. In total there are 57 canceled flights.

The force measurement performed by the pilots' guilds (APLA and UALA), as well as the ground personnel grouped together in the Aeronautical Personnel Association (APA), the APTA and UAS staff, affects more than 7,000 passengers.

The assemblies began at 7 o'clock in the morning and As long as the force measurements are extended, canceled or delayed flights may be even more.

"AerolĂ­neas Argentinas reiterates its permanent vocation for dialogue with its workers, The union complaint was not accompanied by a formal statement to the company, which precludes the possibility of discussing the differences which could arise, "the company was quoted as saying.

At the moment, Aerolineas Argentinas is being held lgreater efforts to relocate affected passengers on flights closer to their original schedule, which is possible".

At the same time, the company reported that "Affected passengers may exchange their tickets for other dates or destinations over a period of 30 days, on the same route as the ones they purchased".


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