Thelma Fardin: "This case was no exception, was the rule" – 12/16/2018


Thelma Fardin returned to refer to the rape complaint against Juan Darthés and the effect it has generated throughout the country. Reflective, the actress said she had "cured", making her case visible, although she lamented that "it's the rule and not the exception."

"What happened to this case is that it was not the exception, it was the rule. So being the rule has generated all that impact, "Fardin said during the interview with Debo Tell (America), where he added that" no government official called me. "

In that sense, he added: "If it had happened to me in Buenos Aires Nacional, in Pellegrini, in a law firm, I would have acted the same way, there is the peculiarity that is in this space, with the camera And that is what generated the mass , has nothing to do with the field. "

Thelma describes as positive all the repercussion generated by her case. "A lot of stories are coming to me and I'm asking for help in getting all this to an NGO, it's a particular phenomenon that has my face and my name but could have touched another person. They write me 87-year-old ladies saying that something like 7 happened to them and that only now they can say, "said Thelma, 25.

Although Thelma said that "I blocked what happened so I could move on with my life," she said that she felt restrained and that she was able to heal thanks to her surroundings: "I said, I said what I had to say and I have heard a plus that not everyone has. He healed me not just to speak, but to be heard. "

About the interview given by Juan Darthés to Mauro Viale, in which he tried to defend himself and even blame Thelma herself, the actress was peremptory: "We are not talking about your word against mine, it has already outdone us." And about the possibility of forgiveness, he said: "Forgiveness enters the realm of the intimate, the personal, as a society, we need justice."

In the midst of a period marked by the empowerment of women, Thelma tried to send a message to the men. "I see men and young people in fear, and it is not so, whoever is willing to be transformed, welcome."

Finally, he dedicated a paragraph to his mother, Doris: "I told my mother when I was living in Mexico, and she broke in the middle, but my mother is my first example of strength." Then he pronounced: "It's hard to convince her it was not her fault. and take off that backpack. My mother is my first source of inspiration. "


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