Thelma Fardin is bankrupt: "I have no job and this month I could not pay the rent"


Thursday, February 28, 2019 13:05

The actress was interviewed by OHLALÁ magazine, and revealed that with the complaint she did not get to work and that she was not hired as an actress "at this moment".

On December 11 last year, the life of Thelma Fardin It took a huge turn. The actress publicly denounced Juan Darthés for rape and became the face of "Mee Too Argentino."

Fardin, who will be the cover of this month's OHLALÁ magazine, spoke about where he was left for Argentine society: "I take charge of my role at the moment. I feel responsible", it seems that I'm sorry, but it does not weigh me any more, I found a balance, I do not feel alone in the back, because I am accompanied, advised, asking all the time.

Despite her bravery, the actress revealed that it is not easy where she stayed and what complicated her career: "There's a fantasy that my millions of followers on Instagram are a million dollars or dollars in my account. I did not pay the rent this month. It is already being resolved, it is not that I will be on the street tomorrow, but my role involves many other situations: who sustains me emotionally, who lends me money in these two months that I could not work, because … who is going to hire me at this moment as an actress? "

During the interview, Thelma talked about what she hopes to happen to Darthés: "This move was not generated by wanting to punish, it was not – I will be fine if I receive punishment." But I would like my case to be exemplary, to set a precedent: of 1000 cases occurring, only 100 are reported and only 1 or 2 are convicted. "



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