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The young girl adopts a street cat and is prostrate in a wheelchair!

A 24-year-old English girl named Gemma Birch was paralyzed from the waist down after adopting a street cat, which she called Catherine, whom she met while on holiday in Portugal in 2014.

"The last day of the holiday I was very sick, I was vomiting all night, so on the plane I felt weak and could not hold anything.When we got to passport control in England, my stomach swelled," he said. Daily Mail.

What happened?

As soon as he landed, he went to the Southport hospital. There they performed tests and doctors found the bacterium Campylobacter, found in raw birds. This disconcerted Gemma Birch since during the last year she only ate fish.

It was then that the doctors asked if she had been in contact with any animal and she told them that she had spent the last few days with a street cat. Doctors said the most likely source of the infection was the cat, which contracted bacteria while looking for food in the bin.

However, after being dismissed, the girl began to feel numbness in the legs. Doctors have finally diagnosed him with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a neurological disorder in which the immune system attacks the nervous system. Luckily he was on treatment and after 14 months he was able to walk again.

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