The widow of Adrián Yospe: "Natacha hit me in front of the baby, knocked me down, broke my head"


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He lived with Adrián Yospe, the former Natacha Jaitt, until the last days of his life, and during the time that his partner had custody of Valentino He was like a second mother to him.

However, there was a fact that marked a before and after in the life of Nora Kriegshaber, is about that, which prevented him from having contact with the child from that moment.

This is what the actor's widow remembered during her visit to Incorrect, the driving cycle Moria Casán to the screen of America.

"The only one who could have a bond was the younger brother of Mariano. Through him, the mother of Mariano, the baby's grandmother, discovers that the boy lived in the house of others. She (by Natacha) met a person at a hairdresser and paid for the baby to live there. Then the grandmother can get in touch with this lady to try to talk to her grandchild, get the address and be able to visit, this was in 2014, "began with its history.

"She asks me to accompany her because whenever she came to Buenos Aires she stopped at my house and I took care of her a thousand loves because she is the mother of the man she loved. When I walk you to the place, the door opens to the baby, imagine when she saw me when I saw her after three years. When I saw him again, I did not explain what it was, for him and me, we hugged each other, we started to cry both, "she recalled cheerfully.

"One of the daughters of this lady tells Natacha that the grandmother, instead of going alone, was with me, and there she appears and beats us in front of the baby for having gone there, for having discovered this. She alone, you do not know the force, she knocked me down, she split my head. I was lying on the floor and he kept hitting on me, he hurt a mother, he left me full of bruises, he hit his mother worse, I did not know what to do, "he added on that dramatic moment.

"They pulled us out of the hair, in front of the whole baby, with a lady of 73 years, alone, I could not believe a person could beat an old lady. We went to make the complaint, we took pictures, then we fell because I had no evidence, and I had to put up with saying that we were a couple, that we smoked paco and that we had been beaten between us. For that reason, I could not see the baby again in seven years. I still have the fear of speaking and something happens to me, "he said.

Regarding his current situation, he explained: "I'm accompanying the Yospe family, as it should be in a moment, where the son of the man I loved and a baby I loved because I created him, is well and happy", to return to the past.

"I saw them on all the channels saying that I stole furniture, that I stole things. I lived there, I moved, I returned to my house, I took what belonged to me, my things, and they took me the father of Mariano and Adrian. Can you imagine if the boy's grandfather and uncle will let me steal something"commented on the moment Yospe died.

"A scary thing, I I could not cry because I had these people telling lies and horrible things about me, Natacha and the brother, "he said.

"I will describe to you in this way, when I have to leave that house, on the advice of the lawyer, I had to think about how I was doing to breathe from the pain I felt, because I hospitalized with Adrian and lived, I went through this illness with him"he emphasized.

"I lived, died every day, I left my children, I stayed with him and I could barely think how I was breathing that day. Since I was going to think about stealing a refrigerator, it did not fit in my head. that these people said these things on television. And if it was not because he and his father helped me, I do not know how much they would have taken me out of that house. "


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