The Wall Street "girl without fear" has moved in front of the Stock Exchange – 10/12/2018


The popular bronze statue of the Girl without fearwho stood "standing" for a year and a half in the iconic Wall Street bull between praise and criticism, was moved today to his new permanent location in front of the New York Stock Exchange.

Work of the Uruguayan-American sculptor Kristen Visbal, the girl will remember before the stock exchange of the United States the importance of gender diversity in the direction of the business, message that intends to move its promoter, the investment company State Street Global Advisors (SSGA).

Nothing happens The sculpture faced the mighty bull. / AFP

Nothing happens The sculpture faced the mighty bull. / AFP

O Girl without fear, celebrated for its defiant attitude, has been installed without authorization on March 7, 2017, on the eve of Women's Day, in front of the bull statue of Wall Street, where a plaque with traces today registers its passage and explains that "it is on the way to Stock Exchange", to be supported "until it arrives".

The statue would remain only a few days as a symbol of the struggle for gender equality, but the strong reception of the public led to the New York City Hall to extend its exposure in a year, which earned him the criticism of the architect of the initial piece of the place, the bull.

But while the Italian artist Arturo Di Modica – the author of the bull – accused the city of "violating his legal rights" and infringing his artistic expression rights, at the same time tens of thousands of people they collected signatures so the girl could stay longer.

New place The girl is still brave, / AP

New place The girl is still brave, / AP

"In 2017 the tests were strong: the companies with women leaders had better results, but there were few women at the top, so we decided to act and we created Girl without fear, a symbol of feminine strength. We gave her a stage and the world took her to the heart, "SSGA said in a video posted Monday.

The SSGA made a positive assessment of this symbol with which it called for changes in the world of companies and pointed out that "301 added a woman director and 28 have pledged to do so, "although he says it is only the beginning.

Now, by "getting up" to the New York Stock Exchange, her "new home," the girl has a broader platform that gives her "an even bigger impact on her message: successful companies need women leaders." keeps the signature, which seeks to inspire young women to be ambitious without fear.

This morning, the inauguration of the statue was attended by political representatives, along with the executive vice president of the Stock Exchange, Betty Liu; the head of the SSGA, Cyrus Taraporevala and its head of global investments, Lori Heinel.

Heinel said that the statue "has gained a place in the heart of the people" and that this gave him "the opportunity to extend his stay," while Taraporevala said that while "there is still much work to be done" without a female director rose from 24% to 16%.



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