The video that shows the strength of the Boston Dynamics robot dogs towing a truck


The images show a troupe of ten robots in Boston Dynamics Carry out a test that this time they do not demonstrate their ability but their power and strength when towing a truck.

The robots, which have a shape that can resemble a dog and which have been christened by the company as SpotMini, they could, without any problem, move the heavy vehicle along an incline having an inclination of about one degree.

Boston Dynamics announced that the robot will go on sale this year. However, it will be destined to the industrial market. Among its main features is a stand-alone arm that can be adapted and can perform all kinds of tasks.

The video in which the truck is being dragged is part of the new broadcast campaign with which they want to announce SpotMini as their most precious creation.

And it is not for nothing, Boston Dynamics invested more than six years in its creation. The videos that have been published are known, in which you can see how they evolved.

In those early years, the company was part of Google and Spotmini was called Spot or Bigdog at the time, because the first prototypes were larger and bulky. Then it shrank in size.

In the coming days, according to Boston Dynamics, the first robots that will be delivered to their buyers will come out of their production line. Now we have to wait and see what use is given by companies that own a SpotMini.

Since the end of 2018, they have gone on sale through exclusive bookings: they were only offered to a handful of companies and the price they paid for is unknown.

According to Boston Dynamics, SpotMini is the most agile, intelligent, small and friendly robot in the world, capable of performing a wide variety of tasks. And judging by the videos, that's how it looks.


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