The very hard load of the Japanese Boca fan after the River's defeat: "Once again it will be, throw stones"


December 18, 2018

The Asian was famous for traveling from Japan to Bombonera to see the final that was suspended by the rain. Now it came with a video.

Name Isamu Kato resounded strongly in the month of November: this Japanese Fan of Boca, a true fan of Xeneize, flew from his home country to Argentina to see the first final between his team and the millionaire.

However, the loaded began to arrive when the match at Bombonera was suspended by the rain, and it was when Kato had to return to Japan without being able to see the game.

"See you in Abu Dhabi", the eastern said before the Copa Libertadores be set. But it seems that the end was waiting for something else for this Boca fan.

However, despite the fact that things did not go as expected, this character was once again news on social networks. This Tuesday, River played the semi-final of the Club World Cup against Al Ain, club of the United Arab Emirates. And the result was expected, although surprising.

Marcelo Gallardo's team equalized in the 90 minutes and then went on to the penalty kicks, where they fell after Enzo PĂ©rez's last run. After that, it was Isamu Kato who appeared.

Through his Twitter account, he broadcast a video in which he is seen singing against the millionaire, referring to what happened at Monumental, which forced him to suspend the game and play it on the court of Real Madrid.

"Ganes or stones, the Drums of the Plank …", He began to sing and then added: "Once again it will be, throw stones."


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