The use of electronic money was a record in 2018


The use of electronic money reached an average of US $ 226,000 million, a record level in Argentina, representing almost 30% of total private deposits, according to the UDE Link measurement index.

The report points out that the operations of this route ended in 2018 with "almost 405 million in December, 22% compared to the same previous period and 36% above the US $ 297 million in December 2016."

Of the total of US $ 405 million in transactions in December 2018, the most used channel was Home Banking with 42.7%, ATMs with 31.1% and Mobile with the remaining 26.2%.

And he pointed out that in the evolutionary growth between December 2016 and 2018 in the different electronic channels, ATMs grew to 7.4%, Home Banking to 30%, Mobile Banking platforms to 103% and VALEpei Digital Wallet "to an incredible pace of 872%. "

In 2018, nominal registrations of total operations were observed, with just over US $ 302,103 million, 40.7% higher than in 2017. The average was US $ 226 billion for the year, with growth of 37.1%, eleven points. percentage more than the total demand for money.

UDE Link, an index that measures the use of electronic money through Red Link, highlighted the "high dynamics of the use of electronic money, which resulted in a historical maximum in 2018 of 32.9% of the total transaction money." private sector, deposited in the financial system as a whole last December, and a year average of 29.2 percentage points. "(Télam)


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