The unexpected confession of Lisandro Lpez


Racing Club continues on the road to triumph in Superliga Argentina. The team that runs tactically Eduardo Coudet remains at the top of the local league standings and does not concede Defense and Justice, his immediate pursuer. In nine dates of the culmination of the competition, the Academy is increasingly satisfied to win the national contest title. Lisandro Lpez, the top scorer of the Avellaneda squad, talked to Radio La Red and analyzed the club's future commitments.

The 35-year-old striker stressed that today he is looking for more victories than playing well. "I love that the team plays well, that creates situations of goal, keep the barrier unbeaten, we have to be realistic, we have nine games ahead, we did not incorporate much, it was the same, it's time to concentrate, to reduce the nervousness and get in the strong cut of the head, and to win, to win what is lacking, to try to continue up there, at this moment I prioritize the victory, "said the leader of Racing.

Later, Licha confessed that the goal at the Hallen de Varela last Friday did not fall very well in the squad: "They left puteadas with the defense goal missing a minute in the 1-0 win against San Lorenzo. Making our championship , the game of Racing is increasingly oiled, the margin of error is minimal and we have to earn as much as possible. "

Meanwhile, Lpez highlighted the good qualities of the team, which could be seen in the victory against Aldosivi by 3 to 1 in Mar del Plata. "Playing well or not so much, the team can stay solid, talk about the trust that exists from one partner to another, the whole team personally I am struggling with the postgame, but the teacher has patience, we are improving on the week, in most of the games I have for the weekend, as long as this is maintained, the head is anxious and very ambitious, "said the striker.

His last testimonials made reference to his continuity in Racing. "I have a contract until June 2020. Until that date I will keep going, so let's see if I can continue with the chorizo ​​and the cheeses, ja, matches for the dream that all of us we have. "


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