The two options that Andy Murray has to play in Wimbledon


After announcing that the Australian Open It will be one of his last tournaments as a professional tennis player, Andy Murray I lost before Roberto Bautista Agut by 6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7 and 6-2. The defeat fell like a bucket of cold water for the Briton, since he did not expect to fall on his debut in the contest that takes place in Melbourne. After the game, the Glasgow native gave a press conference and made clear what his options are for his hip problems.

"I have to make a decision next week, basically I have two alternatives, one is to get the next four and a half months of rest and then play Wimbledon, the only thing clear is that I'm not good at the hip and I'm having trouble I can not play well this time, I can play another game, but if I want to try to play again and improve my quality of life, I have to take four months, it still hurts me to do basic things on a daily basis " , he began to explain the 31 years

Similarly, the former number one ATP ranking talked about the other possibility, which involves being surgically intervened. "The other option is to undertake a new operation to improve my quality of life, but I must let the bones heal and the muscles recover properly so that the operation improves my quality of life." A tennis court after two months, meaning goodbye to Wimbledon, may not be the best for my health in the future, so if I operate, I'll do a proper rehab without haste, and see if I can show up at Wimbledon, "Andy

Murray's presence at Wimbledon, however, will take a lot of risks: "In going through an operation like that, there's absolutely no guarantee that I'll be able to play again, I'm fully aware of that. I can probably go back to it, I'll probably decide next week, that is, what I was saying the other day, that this could be my last game, if I go ahead with the operation, and not get back in. Well, then I do not play Again, this is the decision I have to make, improve my quality of life, hurt myself less by doing normal things, like walking, putting on my shoes and socks. Now take a walk with my dogs or play soccer with my friends is the worst thing I can do, the area is very sore and uncomfortable. "

Although he has not yet made a decision on his future, the British said that if Agut played against Agut, they would be happy for what he got on the track. "If today was my last game, it was a brilliant way to finish, that's something I'll probably also consider, it was an incredible atmosphere." Literally, I gave everything I had on the court, fought as best I could and played a lot. better than I thought to see what they came in and practiced, it would be nice if this was my last game. "


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