the tremendous message from Natacha Jaitt to Jorge Rial


After a message the driver left on his Twitter account, the media shot with heavy ammunition

Natacha Jaitt outraged

The violent war between Natacha Jaitt and Jorge Rial It seems to have no end. After constant attacks from both sides, the media joined forces with the driver's daughter who publicly fought with her father.

And although the relationship between Morena Rial and her father seems to be a bit better than a few months ago, Natacha he continues to firmly hold his hatred to the driver. This has been demonstrated in recent hours through social networks.

After River Plate's victory in the Copa Libertadores final, Jorge He wrote the following message on his Twitter account: "The championship is about the players and the fans who have lost the party, all the other terrible queers.

Then the driver added: "And we ruined the holidays …" Far from being silent Natacha He seized the opportunity and replied: "And you ruined your career and your life as a lie has little future. What is more important?

The last interview of Jorge Rial one Natacha Jaitt:

This is the real reason why Jorge Rial took a license from "Intruders"


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