Wednesday , June 16 2021

The total eclipse of the moon will be fully visible this Sunday in Rosario |

Between the night of Sunday 20 and the dawn of January 21 you can see a total eclipse of the moon in the constellation of Cancer. The phenomenon will be fully visible from our region from zero on Monday and the Municipal Astronomical Complex has already announced that it will be possible to attend to take advantage of the event.

From the Urquiza Park Planetarium they called to attend the 20 on Sunday with sunbeds, to dine alfresco and wait for the astronomical event.

Participants can bring their dinner or buy on the spot, from there will be a bar for drinks and meals on the step.

The night will also feature the music of Royaltree, a trio composed of Emanuel Marquiore (guitar), Fermín Suárez (bass) and Martín Fernández (drums), which will perform jazz versions of songs by The Beatles, The Police and Madonna, among others authors. .

As reported by the Astronomical Complex through a statement, "the particular situation of the stars that night will be doubly shocking: the moon in its closest position to the earth Perigee called, just 357,718 km- will slowly eclipse until dark red, by the effect of light refracted by the Earth's atmosphere within the cone of shadow. "

Thus, our satellite will provide a double show: Super moon and blood moon.

The activities

Proyecto Miradas will be present with games and narrations of the cultural history of the eclipse, to talk about how humanity has been represented and explaining the phenomenon of Moon of blood over the centuries.

The staff of the Astronomical Observatory, accompanied by members of the Association of Friends of the Observatory and the Municipal Planetarium of Rosario, will attend the consultations on Sunday 20, while at 0.30 on Monday, will allow the use of the telescope.

For their part, members of Chakana del Sur will be present in the park of 20 with their own to guide those present in the first observations of supermoon.

O Astronomical event will last 5 hours and 12 minutes, and can be observed in America, Europe, North Asia and Africa.

The schedule for the city of Rosario is as follows:

Beginning of penumbral phase: 23:36 hours

Beginning of the partial phase: 0:33

Beginning of the total phase: 1:41

Maximum Eclipse: 2:12

The end of the playoff phase: 2:43

End of partial phase: 3:50

End of the twilight phase: 4:48

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