Monday , October 18 2021

"The team is used to repeat success"


The Spanish team, Real Madrid, beat 4 to 1 to Al Ain at the end of Club World and it was with the last official tournament that FIFA delivers in the year. It seems to be a tournament that combines very well with the Merengue team: with those of today, adds his seventh trophy in this championship. The authors of the victory goals were Modric, Llorente, Branches headache, and the latter was against Nader, While discont Shiotani

After the departure of Zinedine Zidane, the Argentine coach, Santiago Solari, took the reins of Madrid and today won his first title in his first final. After the triumph I spoke to the press and said: "We are happy. These players deserve it, they came here after working hard and winning many titles. Now he puts the pin of the third Club World Cup for the third consecutive champion. "

Then he referred to the performance of the players and noted: "This is a bit of the football players. It's a bit of this group of players, the club, Madrid, I think it gives a finishing touch on a wonderful stage that we will try to continue, but winning three champions and placing three Club World Cups is something difficult to repeat. They made history. It will be difficult to combine. "

"Personally, I told you I really like this glass. It is a beautiful trophy, a clash of football cultures, so I live with great satisfaction and joy. The merit, who belongs, who is for the players, "said Solari, and is that the event brings together all the champions of the different confederations, in addition to the local champion, because it is an organizing country.

Finally, he emphasized this new Cup: "The team is used, like the club, to repeat the successes. What happens is that, The more you earn, the more you know how hard it is. I love to see how they like it, the seriousness the team has given to this tournament. Although football can always surprise you, because in the beginning they could tag us. We score in moments together. It's a team that has won a lot and does not get tired of winning ".

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