The support to Dolores Fonzi after the convocation of Fernando Burlando


The actress received the support of her colleagues in the networks Source: Archive

After the testimony of Carla Lescano- the sister in the name of
Thelma Fardin, who said she did not believe that
the actress was sexually abused by Juan Darthés-,

Dolores Fonzi

He sat down on the nets:

"Doubtful lawyer, obscure past and present nefarious defending a rapist, tries to smear the courage of a complaining victim, is his dirty work, ours, neither forgetting nor forgiving."

Although the founder of the collective actresses Argentinas did not mention directly

Fernando Burlando

, who had advanced in the media the appearance of "a key testimony" hours before Lescano's words were released, the lawyer took as hinted and hinted at the actress through the networks.

"Intimate within 24 hours proceeds to the immediate blocking of false and contentieliosas to my honor as the sentence" María Belén Rodríguez "under warning to initiate criminal and civil actions for damages.You are notified," wrote the lawyer in the Twitter.

The subpoena generated a repudiation by Fonzi's colleagues for their group, but also of journalists, politicians and writers, who, through the hashtags #TocanAUnaTocanAllas and #JuntoAActricesArgentinas, offered their support to the actress of
The Cordillera.

"From @PeriodistasdArg we invite you to RT to show solidarity with @actrices_arg @FonziDolores," wrote from the official account of Argentine journalists. "Some lawyers believe they enjoy the same impunity as the rapists, more threats, more struggle and organization," said the writer.
Claudia Piñeiro

"They want us in fear and that never happens again," he added.
Andrea Pietra, and the same did
Jasmine Stuart. "Always together @FonziDolores, because if justice is patriarchal, it is not real justice, we are quieter."

Among the numerous messages of support, among which are the figures of the world of politics as
Victoria Donda and
Malena Galmarini, it was highlighted
that of Fonzi's brother, Thomas. "I admire you, I respect you, I love you to the infinite … You are my reference and much more, I put you to die, because I know that you are the good side and leave the skin in EVERYTHING," wrote the actor on Instagram .


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