The super hot Ivana Nadal photo in bikini that revolutionized the networks


Summer is coming and Ivana Nadal is waiting with a lot of desire with a super sexy image.

Ivana Nadal
Ivana Nadal

Ivana Nadal is one of the sexiest morochas in Argentina, with a privileged physique. In his social networks, he added several followers who never lose what goes up.

On this occasion, Ivana Nadal is seen with a very pink knit to the top and green bottom. In the photo he covers his face as if he was bothered by the sun.

Uploading photos to Instagram has collected more than 80,000 tastes in a few hours. In the description of the photo he put an emoji of water and a pistolita throwing water, and added: "and paw of @josefinarc".

Screenshot of Instagram by Ivana Nadal.
Screenshot of Instagram by Ivana Nadal.

Her followers, as always, praised her for her spectacular figure: "lomaso," "beautiful woman," "what a great body, beautiful!" "You're on fire," were some of the comments.

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