The suicide of the 104 year old pilot who cries the Reefs – 12/20/2018


Wednesday was another day for Arrecifes, with the usual pace of each day. But in the afternoon came news that shook the whole city. The beloved Orlando Lizzi, who at age 104 still felt like a pilot, had committed suicide.

According to Raul Gattelet, reporter for Arrecifes, Orlando has its own motorsport history, which can easily enter the Guinness World Record.. He was born in Pergamino, but was quickly adopted by Arrecifes in 1937. He was riding a bicycle, reading without glasses, and was seen in command of his Auto Union 1000 S on the streets of the city, as well as on the Costanera Circuit. In that car he had luxury companions like the Di Palma brothers, with whom he had a close relationship.

As a young man, he was a cyclist, but his union with the world of motorsport began thanks to the friendship that linked him to Ángel Lo Valvo, the first champion of Routes Tourism, and to other pilots like Hortal Cast, Julio Pérez and Dr. Osvaldo Bracco, among others. In 1959 he was close to competing in Road Tourism with his Deka, although he could not get into the park (only 50 entered for timed time).



Some time later, along with his friends Jose Maria Pozzi and Roberto Sales, he acquired a Ford TC coupe for his second chance. "We had the money to pay for the car in a shoebox," recalled Lizzi with Raúl Gattelet, a city journalist, in 2011. Finally, Pozzi was tasked with driving him on the 1st Arrecifes Tour and the experience did not end with a good result, since it ended with an abandonment and the sale of the car to Juan Roberto Machado, from San Antonio de Areco.



Finally, two years later, Lizzi made his debut in the Vuelta de Santa Fe in Tourism Improved with an Auto Union 1000 S. His best location was a third place in Villa Gobernador Gálvez in Santa Fe. At that time he ran with the same car which he used for his private activities, and in a customary way he did so without the aid of help. For this reason, he always carried a semi-lock in the trunk of the car to return to Arrecifes in case of engine breakdown.

In his later years, he raced with his DKW in the Standard Historical category. Known throughout Reefs, it has been repeatedly decorated in the city and has gained the love of children and adults throughout its life.

The last few times they had found him with a sense of loneliness before the irremediable departure of his friend. Added to this was the frustration that he could no longer give loose rein to his greatest passion: driving. His tragic final decision was a blow to the heart and the feeling of all the people of the city where you can breathe 24 hours a day.


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