The students could not pass the tie against the descendant of San Martin (T)


Milito's team was imposed 1-0 for Schunke's goal but fell asleep and drew ten minutes later. The Lion played the complement with one more man for the expulsion of Arregui

Estudiantes drew 1-1 against San Martin de Tucumán, the first offseason of the season, at a party on the 24th. And penultimate date of the tournament, despite having played the second full act with a man.

The only goal of the Albirrojo was the work of defender Jonathan Schunke, in the 6 minutes of game, while Gonzalo Rodríguez marked the "increase" at 15.

Regarding the team, the technical team of Gabriel Milito made only one change compared to the previous date: Daniel Sappa by the suspense Mariano Andújar. And he did not touch anything else.

The first clear approach of the game went to the venue and reached 6 minutes. La Gata Fernández took a free kick after a foul suffered by Albertengo on the edge of the area, and the shot to be placed with a right foot hit the crossbar.

In turn, the visitors bet on the counterattack and had two breakouts, Matías García left, but none was well resolved by the number 10.

At age 22, the Lion has reached the bottom again. Estevez launched a low center for the Cat's entrance, which cursed, but almost sent Moreira in his eagerness to reject. However, Fernandez could keep the ball to pure reflections.

The visit came in another against Facundo Sánchez cut with a foul that brushed the penalty. The home side failed to catch the ball and Droopy Gomez struck his penalty well enough to beat the goalkeeper and extend the home team's lead to 2 –

The Lion approached again at 33 and again with a move by Estevez on the right. The midfielder threw the pass into the middle of Albertengo, who anticipated in the first post with a touch of "puntín" that the goalkeeper could reject the corner.

For his part, the general managed as something general in the attack and managed to carry danger to the 36 with a powerful kick of Giménez that crossed the horizontal. Estudiantes quickly responded and in a move similar to the previous one, it was Pellegrini who played in the first post but the ball was wide.

At 41 he had again Albertengo, who received the filtered pass of Pellegrini, but was well trapped by the visiting goalkeeper, who did not let him settle for comfort. Without more was the first act in 25 and 32, where the Estudiantes was superior to the rival, but lacked the end point to be able to take the lead.


At the beginning of the complement the "Surge" team would have one less man for the expulsion of Arregui. At 4 minutes the central steering wheel, which had already yellow, touched behind the Gata Fernandez and saw the red by double admonition.

After that move, Pincha opened the scoring. A center from the left fell into the area and found Jonathan Schunke, who after half a turn, crossed the ball and hit the right post of goalkeeper Fernandez. However, beyond that goal, the Lion could not weigh the man any more.

At 13 minutes, the visitor took the risk before the goal of Sappa, through a corner and a subsequent frentazo of Moreira, who left near the left channel. Caruso's team did not stand idly by and forced the Lion to retreat a few yards to find the tie.

At 15 'and after a line in the area, Gonzalo Rodríguez found the ball near the penalty spot and executed Daniel Sappa with a furious right that leaked between his legs.

After that, albirrojo DT moved the bench and put an attacker to a defender. He gave Mariano Pavone entry to Nicolás Bazzana and decided to attack with more people, although protected by a line of 4 defenders. A few more minutes later he resorted to the options he had between the relays and sent to the court the Charrúa Manuel Castro de Matías Pellegrini.

And the Tank had one to half an hour of play, with a header with the right parietal that had no sense and was lost against the left post. The last change of the DT was the entrance of Pablo Lugüercio by Lucas Albertengo, and the Payasito could say goodbye playing before its town.

In the end, Pavone himself seemed to match with a breakthrough in the first post, but the goal was canceled by the forward position. After this not much more happened and the Lion had to be satisfied with an equality in local condition, before a inferior rival that lost the category a pair of dates before the end.


Students: Daniel Sappa; Nicolás Bazzana, Jonathan Schunke and Gonzalo Jara; Facundo Sánchez, Enzo Kalinski, Nahuel Estevez and Mauricio Rosales; Matías Pellegrini; Gastón Fernández and Lucas Albertengo. DT: Gabriel Milito.

San Martín (Tucumán): Pedro Fernández; Hernán Petrik, Rodrigo Moreira, Juan Orellana and Oliver Benítez; Rodrigo Gómez, Tomás Federico, Adrián Arregui and Matías García; Nicolás Giménez; Gonzalo Rodríguez. DT: Ricardo Caruso Lombardi.

Objectives: ST, 6 & Schumke (E); 15 & # 39; Rodríguez (ST)

Changes: ST, 19 & Pavo by Bazzana (E); 26 Castro de Pellegrini (E); Altuna by Giménez (ST); 35 & # 39; Lugüercio by Albertengo (E); 41 & # 39; Delgadillo by Rodríguez (ST)

Admonished: Arregui (ST); Kalinski, Sánchez (E)

Incidents: ST 4 & # 39; ejected Arregui (ST)

Referee: Hernán Mastrángelo.
Stadium: City of La Plata.
Start time: 19.10 (Fox Sports Premium).

Radio: A ROUND 100.3


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