The strong confession of Malena Narvay: "I thought the plane was falling"


She is a young actress who has participated in big screen hits, her name is Malena Narvay. She is currently the most famous youtuber girlfriend in the country, Julin Serrano. In this case, Malena is news because of a bad experience she had to live in, fortunately was only a scare and she could tell what happened.

The situation that had as main protagonist has to do with a trip for his vacations. It must be remembered that she enjoys a romantic vacation with her boyfriend, but it seems she did not agree and redoubled the bet with a new destination, but this time the company is not Julin, but her sister Violet.

Malena Narvay

Both decided to fly to their chosen destination: Colombia, but the situation was not as planned. The sisters took a fright at the flight that moved them and Narvay chose to relate what happened on social networks: "I mean, it never happened so badly on a flight," was the beginning of his heartfelt comment.

Then he went over and added, "I've never really moved in my life, I literally thought it was falling, people were screaming and could not land because there was traffic, it was shaking and a lot of them were losing pressure. leaves, wanting to kiss the ground, "he said.

But that was not all, after arriving in Bogota, the girls had to take another flight, but fortunately the second was different and she pointed out: We are already in Cartagena! The second flight was re-booked. Sustazo Thanks for the messages! "(Sic), finished the statement in his Twitter account.

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