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The street attack on Rocío, the last criminal link in Nueva Córdoba | News from

With 42 blocks and at least 37,000 residents, mainly young students, it is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the capital, above Villa El Libertador. With an intense activity day and night, Nueva Córdoba never sleeps.

This neighborhood has become in recent times one of the main headaches for the police, as a result of the criminal episodes that are registered permanently: robberies of shops or departments, explosions of passers by motorcycles, assaults with the piranhas mode, mainly at night and at dawn.

The last publicly transcended case was played by Rocío G., a 21-year-old engineering student who was approached by two young men on Tuesday at the age of 22 in the village of Rondeau Street with 500 people.

The suspects had left a car in which two other boys were waiting for them.

The girl reported that when she was about to enter the building where she lives, they held her on the sidewalk and tried to force her into the car, as she presumes.

He shouted for help, alerting a porter and other men who came to defend him while holding one of the suspects, who were beaten to death by the police.

The other attackers fled in a blue Fiat Punto and were arrested on Sabattini Avenue, on their way to the Arch of Cordoba, after an operative bolt. They had a 22 revolver with three bullets.

Police emphasized yesterday that it was a street robbery.

One of the suspects to attack the girl was captured and beaten by her neighbors. A revolver was found in the thieves' car. A patrolman also collided. (Police)

One of the suspects to attack the girl was captured and beaten by her neighbors. A revolver was found in the thieves' car. A patrolman also collided. (Police)

However, prosecutor José Mana, in charge of the investigation, does not understand him and accuses the four accused (two elders and two children under 18) of alleged crimes of illegitimate deprivation of qualified liberty and illegal possession. and resistance to authority.

"A priori, we have an unlawful deprivation of liberty, coercive and qualified abduction by violence. There were blows here. It was not a simple robbery, "they said of the indictment.

Police, meanwhile, insist that it was not an attempted abduction and that the case could be a new form of crime: attacks on victims who enter cars to strip them of all that have value.

"The girl tried to steal him, they dedicated themselves to committing these crimes, the car was one of them, that's how they go to many and take advantage to steal the girls normally. The official said that this modality "is reiterated", highlighting the collaboration of the neighbors to alert the police.

"Nueva Córdoba is historically a difficult area, 42 blocks with a large volume of people and all kinds of illegal activities such as robberies, motorbikes, piranhas," a police source said. "We are not so bad. senior.

He added, "We're working hard to reduce crime and we're doing it with more phones, cameras and staff, but it's complicated."

More complaints

How can you confirm The voiceDuring the past week, at least two similar cases have been reported in Judicial Unit 4 of Nueva Córdoba with criminals going up or trying to send victims to a car.

These episodes are in the hands of promoter Guillermo González. There are no detainees and cases are investigated as robberies.

In one such attack, a young woman would have been able to escape.

The other episode was targeted at an 18-year-old boy who reported being taken to a Chevrolet Onix or Dark Agile on Independence Street. It was at dawn on Friday the 9th.

He indicated that the car was going slowly to his side, three men left and, without threatening him, they invited him to go to the bowling that he was going. Shortly after walking, someone standing behind him told him "you're stung! Stung! (Sic)", always according to his story.

Then, the criminal tried to remove the cell phone, while shouting to the accomplice to accelerate, according to the complaint.

The young man indicated that he was beaten and that his cell phone and a wallet with 500 pesos were stolen.

Matías, the boy, said that already in the University City he could open the door of the car and threw himself on the sidewalk, which caused injuries in his face.

"They wanted to kidnap me"

"The police say they tried to rob me. They wanted to kidnap me," Rocío insisted yesterday to several media outlets.

The young student indicated that on Tuesday night she was returning from the gym and that, as she was about to enter a Rondeau building at 500, she saw two young women in front of her and kept her cell phone.

"They grab me, it's like they hug me and I started to fight and scream in despair, they surrounded me with both arms, so I insist it was not a robbery," he said. "Rob? Saying he's stupid. They did not steal anything from me, not even from my cell phone," he said.

The shouts made several people come to their defense and arrested one of the suspects, Maximiliano G., 17 years and domiciled in Ciudad de Mis Sueños. It ended with several blows.

The other three escaped at Fiat Punto. After a police chase in the Sarmiento Park, the car ended up falling in Sabattini at 10:00 p.m. Two uniformed police officers, who were on a cell phone that also collided, were injured.

The other three detainees are Luis R. (17), Manuel Rojas (20) and Jonathan Uriel Pérez (20), all from the neighborhood of Ciudad de Mis Sueños. In the car (which would be owned by one of them) was found a silver revolver 22 with three bullets. From the police, it was emphasized that everyone has a police record.

Prosecutor Mana, who hopes to make a statement to Rocío, has accused the four of illegitimate deprivation of qualified liberty.

"They are daring brats, the typical thieves who are going to hunt, but to steal, not to kidnap." They do not have the engineering or the resources to commit a kidnapping, they went out to steal, "another high-ranking police source said.

"We are connected to the police"

"We are not so bad, we work together through WhatsApp and the police arrive quickly," said Victor Cáceres, of the neighborhood of Nueva Córdoba neighborhood.

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