The stoned mason, murdered by his son, has had complaints of domestic violence | Chronic


The mason killed by his own ten-year-old son in the context of a family dispute at a house in Pilar has had complaints of gender-based violence as confirmed sources close to the investigation. They date this year.

In turn, the neighbors said that the tragedy was triggered after an intense discussion, something everyday in Cuba, in the neighborhood 100 Agustoni, in the town of Champagnat. They lived there Sergio Leonardo Juárez, the victim, along with his wife and their children of 10 and 15 years.

The bricklayer who lost his legs in a rail accident when he was only 8 years old became known last October when viralized a video of her in which a partner recommends for masonry tasks.

The child is currently unavoidable for the Argentine judicial system, although it is necessary to await the reconstruction carried out by Justice based on the direct and indirect witnesses' expertise and report on the event.

The case is framed in the Juvenile Criminal Responsibility Law of Pilar, in charge of the promoter Paula Romeo.


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