The spectacular video of GoPro's million dollar challenge – 12/20/2018


The company's action video cameras GoPro launched a new product in September, the GoPro HERO7 Blackand challenged its users to video presentation of the device, with a prize more than tempting: a million dollars.

The result? More than 25,000 people have submitted their recordings, but only 66 videos from 56 breeders from 25 different countries were selected. The winners, therefore, they will receive about $ 18,000 each.

The result is this amazing 2 minute video, with excellent image quality, great action and great scenery.

"So far, the presentation Our products have been recorded by our in-house media team, who are experts at getting the perfect shot, "said GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman.

"Now that HERO7 Black does easy for anyone to capture professional-looking photos during their favorite activities, we decided challenge our customers to record the most remarkable video this year and pay them for it, "he added.

The final video evolved day by day.

The final video evolved day by day.

To summarize these 25,000 proposals in 2 minutes, the GoPro team was dedicated for days to review the thousands of new videos and focus the end result on clips that complement and work with the 1920×1080 and 29.97 fps (frames per second) format.

Then the final video was evolving day by day. "For example, find a & # 39; wakeboarder & # 39; stuck on a 720 and a ice skater doing a similar trick: they are two different activities, but they are more or less the same, "explained one member of the company team about the selection process.

In addition, the fact that the videos were no edition forced GoPro to look for colors in those that combined.

The winners range from filmmakers and photographers up studentsdentists, lawyers, pilots, businessmen or marine biologists, to name a few.

"IS incredible See how quickly breeders have joined the challenge, "said GoPro community leader Devon DiPietro. seed, the GoPro community has transformed the & # 39; Million Dollar Challenge & # 39; in something else shocking and wonderful than we never imagined. "

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