The spectacular reception that they prepare for the river and the custom that fans will avoid like cabala


The four classics (Boca, Independiente, San Lorenzo and Racing) and the conch games at Monumental are generally synonymous with great receptions for the River. The imminent end of the Copa Libertadores finds these two conditions, but reinforced: it will be nothing less than the Superclásico and the most desired title in the continent will be at stake. Therefore the River Swim Subcommittee, who is usually responsible for organizing the reception when the team enters the court, prepares a fun and colorful party for the big duel against Boca.. They are convinced that, in their own way, they too can "play" the game. And they get ready for it all.

At the request of many fans, this time he will avoid a custom of the last times: there will be no mosaics in the stands above, as happened in the semifinal against Grêmio, when they formed the initials of Marcelo Gallardo (MG) with two hearts for the team. sides on the Belgrano Alta plateau.

On other occasions, the mosaics of San Martin Alta formed the flag of the river, the Argentine flag with the acronym CARP (Club Athletic River Plate) in the background and until the flag of Japan, before the trip to that country to play in the World Clubs of 2015, in which the team of Marcelo Gallardo fell 3-0 in the final against Messi, Suarez and Neymar Barcelona.

However, this time you will see only the red and white plastic strips that go from the high bleachers to the middle and low bleachers, and the balloons of the same color. In addition, in the Sívori Baja arena, below where the brave bar is normally located, they will display dozens of wooden flags.

Cabuleros many supporters communicated in different ways with the Rio Fan Subcommittee to ask them to avoid mosaics this time around, a ritual copied from European football. The reason? There were no mosaics in the semifinal of the 2014 South American Cup that River won 1-0 against Boca with Leonardo Pisculichi's goal, nor for the second round of Libertadores 2015, when the "millionaire" team won by the same score to its classic rival thanks to a penalty marked by Uruguayan Carlos Sánchez. And yes, instead they set up mosaics in the last three Superclassics that Boca won at Monumental for local championships in 2015, 2016 and 2017. That's why this Saturday will not repeat the mosaics: somehow, and even if the players be who solves everything in the field, the fans – esoteric – believe that any detail can influence when winning the game.

On the other hand, of the Subcommission of Fans they started a campaign so that all the people went to Monumental with the white shirt with the red band. "On Saturday you already know … #EnRiverConLaDeRiver," they wrote in their Twitter account, @SubComDelHincha. "Keep taking color, we warned, the party is #River," they tweeted as well. And they harangued: "From home, we have to become stronger than ever, let's all go together to encourage the 90 minutes !!!".

And today, Friday the 23rd, a tweet of gratitude to the team appeared for all the joys he has given them in recent years: with Gallardo leading the team, River has won five international titles and three national titles. "We want to thank the coaching staff and the team for everything they've done, an outcome that will not change our gratitude, eternal glory is up to you," LaSubco wrote.

Similarly, River has requested, through its various official channels of information, that the fans avoid the use of rockets for security reasons and also because the club is exposed to more economic sanctions by Conmebol.


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