Sunday , October 17 2021

The sincerity of the champions of Dancing 2018: "There was a week when …"

They consecrated themselves in the way of Dancing 2018 and they have become the most summoned participants in the media, no doubt everyone wants to have their statements and some revelations of the experience that has generated participating in such a meditative event. For this reason, Julin Serrano, Sofi Morandi and his coach, Nicols Merln, was in Los Angeles in the morning.

In full relaxation and a remarkable joy, the guests received a strong question from the driver, journalist and jury: What was the most difficult time? ", Said Ngel de Brito, the team thought for a minute and then replied:" The rhythm of the tribute "Everyone agreed, it should be remembered that in the round of tributes, the youngest of the contest had a night to forget, received critical moments and the lowest grade.

juliana serrano sofi morandi

Before the new champions' response, the LAM pilot was over and said, "What about the staff?" He said. The first to express itself was the youtuber: "We got really low when there was a lot of rhythms that went wrong." Then, Sofi joined the statements of his dance partner and added: "There was a week when I think we were not bankers and some tests we discussed." Before the dancer's sayings, Julin commented, "Yes, we're going to be sluts," to be honest.

It was the turn of the coach and took the opportunity to break free and express the truth: "I had to know how to get them without pushing so hard, I had patience until there came a time when I shit." They are very distracted in rehearsals with phones and networks, "Nicols said.

The truth is that, despite the struggles and disagreements between them, it seems that the strategy of following in the footsteps of Laurita Fernndez and Fede Bal worked perfectly, since they became the champions of Dancing 2018 and they did not surpass anything else and nothing less than Jimena Barn and Mauro Caiazza.

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