The shocking revelations of a former Michael Jackson employee


"He would take the hands of the little ones and kiss them, they would fight for Michael's love," he explained.

A few months ago, new information was known about alleged cases of child sexual abuse on behalf of Michael JacksonIn fact, one of his former domestic servants revealed a strong find in the King of Pop's house.

In an interview for the Daily Mail portal, Adrian McManus, who worked on the farm of Neverland for four years, he said that at some point in his professional life with Michael he found the singer's and children's underwear all over the house. In addition, he revealed that every time the little ones visited, they went to the bath together naked.

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"He left his underwear floating in the water like that of little kids.If they were not floating in the water, they were on the floor around the jacuzzi.I used to find stuff like that"said the former employee.

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But that was not all, since in addition to spending long weekends on the famous estate, the singer made the children fight each other for their love and attention.

"He took the hands of the little ones and kissed them, they fought for Michael's love", He explained.

Another one of the declarations of the ex-employee that caught the attention was that several times vaseline found throughout the house, but mainly in the room of the singer.

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On one occasion, Jackson asked him to laminate pictures of nude babies and then put them in his bedroom and be a part of the "decor."

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