Wednesday , April 21 2021

The Secretary of Security admitted that there was a "failure" in the operation carried out in Núñez

Marcelo D & # 39; Alessandro, in addition, linked the violent episodes to the attack on the house of a "bar".

Buenos Aires City Security Secretary Marcelo D Alessandro said the attack on the bus that moved to the Boca Juniors campus was due to a "failure" in the operation and linked the violent episodes out of the stadium "Monumental" of Núñez with the search carried out in the house of the leader of the barrabrava of the River of the Silver, where were hijacked 300 tickets and seven million pesos.
In statements to the press, the official said that "obviously the fight that is taking place against soccer mafias has this consequence, because one thing is the aggression to the micro and something else are these violent people who want to enter without throwing stones, which constantly carry out acts of violence ".

"Obviously, there is a security flaw (in relation to the attack on the micro Mouth), in this sense, an administrative summary is created, investigated and we will have the corresponding report and will be accountable to those who could not fulfill the duty they had, was to care from the entrance of the campus to the stadium, "he said.
D & # 39; Alessandro also said that the day before he found about 20 people "sleeping" and "trying to spend the night at the River Plate club, which also shows collusion with the people of the club", from which he exonerated the leaders of the entity "millionaire".
The aforementioned is a clear allusion to the attacks carried out at the home of Hector "Caverna" Godoy, leader of the "Los borrachos del Tablón", where 300 tickets and seven million pesos were hijacked, a situation that was linked to incidents abroad. of the stadium.
Cesar Martucci, one of Boca's leaders on the bus, gave his version of events: "The security forces were overloaded, there were many people. This forced them to throw tear gas to protect the Boca delegation and they got in the vehicle ". In total, there were four micro-mouth cups that were broken as a result of the incidents. All the team, collaborators and leaders of the club Ribera were in the micro.

Marcelo Gallardo, the only one who was sensible

The most important superclásico in history was marked by violence: the micro Boca was stoned and the tear gas affected several players, who also suffered cuts. For all this, added to the battle of River fans with the Police, Conmebol postponed the game for today at 17.
The uncertainty in the "Monumental" stadium was total for hours of the meeting began, agreed to the 17. The Conmebol postponed to 18 and fans of the river exploded with turmoil for its theoretical confirmation, but meanwhile, Pablo Perez and Gonzalo Lamardo was taken to a nearby clinic to be seen. Faced with this unexpected situation, Marcelo Gallardo met with Jorge Brito (first vice president) and other "millionaire" leaders to express their views on the case.
River's coach showed complete solidarity with the opposing team and took a contemplative stance. "I just agree to play against Boca in normal conditions," was his blunt message. His collaborators, Matías Biscay and Hernán Buján, were down with the situation and refused to talk to the press. It must be remembered that the "Muñeco", with the current suspension, was forced to watch the Copa Libertadores final of one of the bleachers of the stadium Antonio Vespucio Liberti.

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