Thursday , August 5 2021

The Secretary of Health said he sought to create a "plasma for the early detection of hantavirus"

Health Secretary Adolfo Rubinstein said on Saturday the government would work with the National Institute of Microbiology, Dr. Malbrán, to create a "plasma for the early detection of hantavirus," after 14 people died in three weeks.

"People who have been in contact with a woodcutter, who was the first to show the symptoms, are isolated, but now is not the time to go to Epuyén," explained the Secretary of Health in The night of Mirtha, although he has clarified the Chubut virus, which killed 11 people, is more lethal than detected in Salta, Entre Ríos and Buenos Aires, where they recorded a victim in each.

Rubinstein tried to bring tranquility to the population by insisting that "one thing is the outbreak of Epuyén and something else are the cases of Salta, Entre Ríos and Buenos Aires" and reiterating that people who have been in contact with the first victim have already been quarantined .

"We should not be alarmed, we are working with the Malbrán Institute to develop an early detection plan, the implementation we are doing is unprecedented in Argentina," the official said after confirming the resurgence of the long-tailed rat virus.

On Saturday, Susana Briones49, a native of Trevelin, died in Chubut, and Tahis Pérez, 34, who lived on a ranch in Castelli, died in a private clinic in La Plata.

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