The secret to unlocking a sequel to the movie "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"


"Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" This has triggered much controversy as an interactive film and while some are trying to figure out the alternate endings and how it can be achieved, Netflix revealed in a tweet how you can unlock a sequel to the movie.

This is how Netflix discovered in one of its accounts United Kingdom Twitter, they wrote in a tweet "you thought you had seen it all, then try to press twice family photo (twice)"

What's special about this sequence is that when you have to select the family photo or the book, you have to double-tap the family photo, this will lead you to another result different from the one you had already seen from Stefan.

SPOILER ALERT At the moment you choose the family photo, you'll see how Stefan wakes up, gets up from bed and goes to the table. The moment he gets up, he finds the author of the novel JFD and cuts it.

It is believed that there are 5 to 10 alternative endings, although the streaming platform has clarified that there are only 5. In relation to these end users in social networks they did not take long to draw the diagrams that resolve the doubts about which direction should be taken in relation to Stefan's decisions.

What is Black Mirror: Bandersnatch?

If this is the first time you will see "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch", you must know that you will make the decisions of the protagonist Stefan, this will implement that everything that happens and what you do will be under your own decisions, after knowing this and realizing, the protagonist begins to interact with the viewer.

What do you have to see the diagrams with the series?

The diagrams are related to the decisions that will be made, on the part of the protagonist, this causes you to have two options and how these answers can lead you to a story a bit more or turn to a shorter story.

As for the use of diagrams, it is one of the messages that Black Mirror had already projected from its chapter entitled "White Bear", this causes many to call this symbol by that name, and not only appears in a chapter, but appears in each episode.

Black Mirror Chapters in the movie

If this is not a surprise, then Did you know that there are chapters of Black Mirror in the movie? Well, it seems that many of the episodes appear unexpectedly in the new production of Netflix.

The company where Stefan will develop his video game is not new, he had already appeared in the second episode of the third season of the science fiction series called playtest: Acronyms appear here TCKR and even the video game developer has the same name.

In this chapter also appears the protagonist of the episode, which read a magazine and in this magazine the name Bandersnatch appears. Also appears in the chapter of San Junipero, Metal Head and Black Museum.

San Junipero Medical Center

Called San Junipero for the fourth episode of the third season of the series, in the film Bandersnatch, seems unnoticed but if you realize that is where Stefan's therapy will happen. If you had not noticed, it also appears in the episodes "Black Museum".

These metal dogs are a reference in the film because they appear in the Poster, only that the episode of the series caused many controversies. What these dogs do in the series is kill the humans without any sense.

As we said earlier, the film has a three-pronged symbol presented in one of the episodes of the second season, being as a reference in a episode called White Bear.

It's the Black Mirror series news and is that it is presented since the first episode of the series. The headlines also refer to chapters such as USS Callister, 15 million merits, the national anthem, the Waldo moment, the national hatred and the crocodile.

When Stefan meets Colin, he finds "Nohzdyve", a game of a character who falls in a pirouette. This refers to the chapter name Nosedive (plummeted) in which it is about a person who uses social networks in which he qualifies people.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch It took 3 weeks to record and Netflix said it has 5 endings, but with this alternate ending that was hidden, more surprises are expected to appear.


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