The scene of the mysterious ugly duckling that everyone says: look [VIDEO]


A particular fraction of the strip raised doubts in the midst of the controversy over Thelma Fardin's denunciation of Juan Darthés

In the midst of the scandal over Thelma Fardín's denunciation of Juan Darthés for rape, coupled with the explosive statements of the actress's sister, viralized a mysterious video on social networks. The file consists of a fraction of scene in Faith ducklingor, the series where Thelma and Darthés participated together. There, according to some users, you can see Thelma's jealous attitude toward Darthés when he embraces Laura Esquivel (who starred in the children's series Duckling).

The video became viral on the networks and was seen more than 500 thousand times in a few days, published Context.


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