The Samsung Galaxy S10 will have the cameras perforated on the screen and triple rear camera


Design Samsung Galaxy S10

When the river sounds… We are in that moment of technology where we know pretty much everything about a terminal before it arrives thanks to leaks. The latest rumors were that the Samsung Galaxy S10 would have the camera pierced inside the panel, and the information seen today in Sammobile seems to confirm the inevitable.

Samsung wants to reduce the pictures to the extreme without recourse to the notch, and it seems that punching the screen to insert the space required for the two camera sensors will be the best solution. The fashion of 2019 will be to avoid the notchand Samsung will open the first non-mechanical possibility of doing so.

Begins to confirm suspicion …


Screen savers for the Samsung Galaxy S10 seem to confirm suspicions. At least one of the variants will have a dual front camera, perforated inside the screen. This would allow Samsung to reach the ends of its AMOLED screen to the maximum, thus avoiding the frames and reaching a design full screen, something that they have been chasing for some time.

On the other hand, we find an image of the Slashgear that shows the back of the Samsung Galaxy S10. This would have a rear design very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9and no fingerprint reader on the back, something we've never seen in the Galaxy S family since the S5.


This may indicate a fingerprint reader under the screen or some renewed facial recognition method – although the lack of space for sensors greatly limits the possibilities. Be that as it may, the Samsung Galaxy S10 begins to draw in front of us in some detail. It will be the biggest change seen in the Galaxy family in recent years, and one of the most ambitious bets of the South Korean company in the high range. As always, we should wait at the beginning of the year to see this terminal.

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