The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite runs through Geekbench showing better numbers than an S8 +


designer has created a design in Behance with a design concept of Samsung Galaxy S10

The return of the Lite range to the Galaxy S family would be a reality if all the information that has been filtered to date is fulfilled. There are many who were waiting a reduced version of the top of the signature rangeand specifically this year they would find a 5.8-inch alternative with screen hole and AMOLED technology.

The possible Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite was seen by Geekbench, showing better numbers than the Samsung Galaxy S8 itself +. Good results for a terminal that, in principle, was expected for a medium range, but which, in view of these data, could fit better in the high-end high-end or non-premium range.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite has what to brag about

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Benchmark

With a Qualcomm processor – probably aimed at the US market – and 6GB of RAM, the presumed Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite – Samsung SM-G970U – has achieved a score of 1986 in single-core and of 6266 in multi-core, significantly higher than we found in some tests conducted with the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, although the model with Exynos processor is a bit more powerful. Doubts about whether this S10 Lite would have the power equivalent to a Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 are dissipated, pointing to a premium terminal a bit less powerful than its older siblings.

Samsung seems to want to bring glory back to the Lite family, leaving behind the ghosts that wagering on these types of variants may not be the best idea. The difference in price compared to the Galaxy S10 and S10 + will be crucial, in the absence of knowing the rest of the cuts you will take in relation to them – certainly on the screen, camera and battery level. In any case, the power that this terminal demonstrated in its first benchmark is a cause for celebration, making the hype increase when knowing the triad of devices that will aspire to be the top sales of the first half of 2019.

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