The sale of two players entered the Peronism in Tucumán – 01/07/2019


The internal PJ Tucumán flakes have unexpected impacts. For the personal and political duel between governor Juan Manzur and the former president José Alperovichextended its toxicity to football. The surprise transfer of Luis Miguel Rodríguez, "The Flea", The idol of Atletico Tucumán, from Colón de Santa Fe, generated strong repercussions and suspicions of a political maneuver.

Juan Manzur, governor of Tucumán.

Juan Manzur, governor of Tucumán.

"El Pulga" is the most representative figure of Atletico, where he played for more than a decade. The club, which has more prizes in the province, was sponsored by Alperovich in his time as governor.

"Pulga" Rodríguez, the idol of Atletico de Tucumán, affiliated with the PJ, transferred to the Colon of Santa Fe.

Mario Leito, his president, arrived with the support of the now-senator, when he commanded in the province and was the chief of Manzur-Alperovich's van, with whom he distanced himself and whom he promises to face in the provincial elections.

Guillermo Acosta, Atletico de Tucumán midfielder affiliated with the PJ who went to Lanús.

Guillermo Acosta, Atletico de Tucumán midfielder affiliated with the PJ who went to Lanús.

Leito, on the other hand, changed his skin: he distanced himself from his promoter and approached Manzur. In PJ, inclusively, they sent him to measure like a potential candidate in the provincial capital, where he governs Germán Alfaro, Peronist that is part of the Change device.

How detailed Juan Manuel Rovira, Correspondent of the Clarín in Tucumán, at, speculations were reinforced because Guillermo Acosta, another team member who joined PJ – as the "Flea" – was also transferred and will continue his career in Lanús.

There is an antecedent that obscures some leaders: Julio Miranda, ex-governor of the province, was president of Atletico. Manzur is not in the province. He returns later this week and, according to Clarín do Tucumán PJ, at the beginning of next week he would call elections next May, based on a judicial decision that questions the local opposition, which Cambiemos commissioned.

Back to "The Flea". The player started flirting with politics a long time ago and this year he advanced with the possibility of running for executive, executive or legislative position in Simoca.

A friend of Alperovich, who is a fan of Atlético, his moves were read as a move of the former governor, but in December Rodríguez said he would join the PJ, who controls Manzur, and appeared next to Osvaldo Jaldo, the vice-Tucuman, political partner of the governor.

The sudden transfer of the player was then read in a political key. No one says it out loud, but points to Alperovich's hypothetical pressure for the club to decide on Rodriguez's sale.

The player discarded that behind his sale and move there are political reasons, and these days he also circulated a video in which he says goodbye, grateful, to the club and fans of "Dean."

There are more linear views that point to the "opportunity" of the sale and, other theses, explain that there would be "contributions" from Alperovich, through its companies in the province, which became salary premiums for the players.

With Rodriguez next to the PJ of Manzur and Jaldo, the former governor would have decided to stop "collaborating", according to the most feverish interpretations that circulate in the province.


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