Saturday , October 23 2021

The sadomasochistic room that Fernando Burlando did with his girlfriend


Barby Franco surprised everyone, revealing how he maintains the passion with the media lawyer, Fernando Burlando, after five years of relationship.

The model and Fernando Burlando have been dating for five years. And in addition to a round trip, the model and the media lawyer can keep the passion intact.

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Now the brunette was as a guest in the afternoon, but early in the cycle, led by Diego Ramos and Luciana Salazar, and provided details of the recipe to sustain love.

To everyone's surprise, Barby revealed this with Taunting they have a sadomasochistic room inspired by the film Fifty Shades of Gray, of which she is a great admirer, as she has published radiomitre.

"Fernando made me a small room Christian GreyA small red room. I'm a fan of the movie. It's like a game, "said the brunette.

To the astonishment of the drivers and the presents, the model also said that to enter the room in question each of them has a card and even scheduled a date of the week to take advantage of this space of privacy.

But as if that were not enough, the brunette explained that they outlined a series of rules that both must respect when it comes to having privacy inside that room.

"Friday is the law to use it. We made a code with a contractor … at least three hours inside. It has a small TV, minibar … there are no cameras in this place, "revealed Barby about the room, which also has in his indoor clothes, whips, harnesses and sex toys.

In recent years, there have been countless times when Barby Franco and Fernando Burlando expressed their desire to marry. But the setbacks, struggles and twists in this couple seem to have turned that desire into a utopia.

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In fact, they once married. It was in Las Vegas, in a very romantic ceremony, but it has no validity in Argentina.

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