the renewal may exceed 3,000 pesos


The monetary authority has surveyed the costs associated with the operation with plastics: renovation, fees and account maintenance

Renewing the credit card in 2019 can have a cost of up to $ 3,000, according to the Central Bank in a recent survey.

According to the monetary authority of Argentina, in international credit cards the average cost range is US $ 1,800, but in some cases exceeds the mark of US $ 3,000. An example is Banco Hipotecario, with a rate of US $ 3,016.

The difference between the different banks is of such magnitude that it can exceed $ 2,000 in the most extreme cases (the cheapest and the most expensive).

There is also an important gap in analyzing the effective annual fees charged for financing through plastics. While the National Bank applies 52%, an entity such as the mortgage reaches 155%.

As for the replacement cost of a lost card, the average cost is US $ 219, according to the BCRA.

In addition, the Central indicates that the average cost for maintaining a current account is $ 360. Among banks, the city stands out with a minimum of $ 257.7.

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