The reason why Prince William never wears his wedding ring has surfaced


The criticism fell on Prince William when the photos were learned that he does not wear the wedding ring, but now there was an official statement.

Several criticisms have been made Prince William after they discovered that on his ring finger does not carry the alliance that symbolizes his union with Kate Middleton, however, for this, there is a real reason.

The explanation was given by Penny Junor, the royal biographer, to Vogue magazine: "He does not like jewels.and the palace issued a statement before the wedding saying that. "

"It was something the couple discussed, but Prince William is not one of the jewels, he does not even wear a signet ring, and he decided he did not want to. a personal preference"Said an assistant to the person in charge of the biography.

After rumors of a quarrel between the sisters-in-law, Kate Middleton's mother broke the silence

The assistant also revealed that the Duchess of CambridgShe agreed with her husband's decision: "It is quite common for men in this social stratum not to wear a traditional wedding ring. If they do, they tend to wear it with the family ring, but William does not have one of those ".

Prince William and Kate Middleton they were married on April 29, 2011 and since then she wore a Welsh gold band on the ring finger in her left hand.


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