Wednesday , June 16 2021

The reason why Barcelona can be disqualified from the Copa del Rey

Barcelona beat Levante 3-0 for the return of King's Cup and advanced phase, but now Facing a possible disqualification. And that's it in the first game, where Barcelona fell 2-1, included Chumi in the team and took a penalty with Barsa B.

O legal services of the Levante to consider, after studying the case for more than three hours, They have enough arguments to submit allegations before the sole Competition Judge, who will study it urgently.

On your side, the barcelona argues that, according to the regulation, the player was sanctioned by the League game and not by the Copa del Rey. Besides that, the deadline for submission was 14 on the second business day after the game and the Levant made no complaint.

Then we will have to wait to see if Messi's goal and both assists will finally help the team advance and if it will be the last duel of this semester in that competition.

The immediate precedent was that of Real Madrid with Russian Denis Chreyshev, who loaded a suspension of Villarreal and was included in the first team of the Merengue. The presentation was on time and manner and that is why they were disqualified.

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