The Real Madrid museum, dressed in white and red


Despite the fact that it is two months away from the final Copa Libertadores of America Between Boca and River, where the millionaire set was victorious 3-1 in the round that was played in the Santiago Bernabu Stadium, this party is still talking today and will be the main topic until another end of this magnitude is achieved.

O Real Madrid I decided to host this game, which was postponed due to incidents before the meeting and the president of the CONMEBOL I decided to change my mind so that these events would not happen again. The organization was very good, and for such an event, the merengue team decided to exhibit it inside the Club Museum, where all the trophies obtained by the white entity in its history can be observed.

This section has a replica of the World Cup, plus the shirts of the clubs that were part of this and a screen where you can see the best plays of the match. River fans began to make the viral video where this is shown, as they consider it one of the most important celebrations and trophies in history because of how everything was given.

Even this final was the last thing they put in the new Rio movie to be released in the month of March where they show all the best moments in club history and obviously could not miss this duel against the lifelong rival where they could get their fourth Libertadores out of history.

It will be difficult for fans to get rid of this column that will guide them through life, with a reserve they will face again in the final of the same tournament, but ending with a different result. Here below you can see a video where the Real Madrid Museum is clearly displayed and where you can see everything described in this exciting game.


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