The quality of life of cancer patients is strengthened with the support of the couple


The doctor in psychology with Guidance in Quality of Life and Health, Felipe de Jesús Díaz, doctor and academic of the University of Guadalajara, explains that the impact negative that generates the diagnosis of cancer is attenuated if the couple is also an informed person, which helps to clarify doubts and myths, such as the probability of survival.

In the case of breast cancer, for example, "there are people who, upon receiving the diagnosis they take it tragically, when the expectation is super wide, there are many chances to live, "he said.

He added that in the network of social support of patients, the couple and family they occupy a priority place, however, this network could be made up of friendships, pets, a support group with patients and survivors, or a religious group.

The case of Sebastián and Julia

For Sebastian, working, caring for their four daughters and providing all kinds of support to their family is a priority to achieve Julia, his wife, persists in his fight against breast cancer who was diagnosed four years ago. Having a partner who, like Sebastian, supports the cancer patient before the diagnosis "positively changes the level of perception with which he lives and attends medical treatment," for experts.

For Julia, her husband and daughters are the ones who inform her, encourage her and encourage her, because she does not have other family members like her parents or siblings, "no more us, the ones from here," she said. Despite the muscular pains in his arm and back, consequence of the operation within, Julia found a job that does not demand too much physical effort and, together with her family, tries to lead a full life, "to the hundred," he said.

Sebastian is currently working in the field, after constantly changing jobs until he finds one that allows him to leave when accompanied, every 22 days, to his wife to medical appointments in which neither he nor his daughters leave her alone. "You have to be there continuously, sometimes you need something more, not only economic support, but moral and affective," he said.

The support that Sebastián provides to his family strengthens Julia, his four daughters and even himself, he says, because he understands how important his efforts, despite the difficulties, were for the struggle in which he accompanies his wife. "If he and my daughters were not, then God will know, I do not think he was here anymore.. Whatever has to happen, will happen, but give up, never, because my engines here are, "said Julia, nodding and smiling.

Dr. Felipe de Jesús Díaz stressed the importance of oncological patients and their social support network adopt a healthy lifestyle in their habits of thought, such as being more selective with the consumption of information. Estimates that up to 100% of the emotions and mood of people is linked to the perception of the environment, and vice versa, so that a good "cultural nutrition" will favor a perception of openness, well-being and hope, which has a positive effect on the treatment.

What families like Julia and Sebastian achieve, Diaz said, is "to contribute to their testimony to show that there is hope and yes we can surpass this diagnosis, which at the beginning is taken as tragic and determinant.


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