The prosecutor opposed the postponement requested by Cristina Kirchner of the first oral trial against him


The federal prosecutor Diego Luciani He opposed the postponement of the start of the oral and public trial of former President CRistina Kirchner and others accused of alleged irregularities in the concession of public works to the businessman Lázaro Báez, scheduled for the end of the month.

In an opinion he presented this morning, and to which he agreed Infobae from judicial sources, Luciani He asked the oral court in charge of the case to reject the former president's defense request to postpone the start of the case and requested that the scheduled date be upheld.

The senator's defense requested last Friday the postponement of the beginning of the oral trial until it is complete and gathered all the evidence of the case that will be analyzed. The most important is the result of an accounting report on a part of public worksThe.

Before deciding, the Federal Oral Court 2, composed of Jorge Gorini, Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu and Jorge Tassara, he asked the prosecutor's opinion that he will be at the trial. And Luciani objected. He pointed out in his opinion that the defense did not explain in his request what the prejudice is to start the trial without the result of the expertise and that there really is none, since it can be done as happened in other cases.

He also stated that there was no violation of the right of defense and that it's a dilator plan. Finally, Luciani recalled that Argentina is adhering to international anti-corruption treaties, in which it pledged to accelerate such causes.

In addition to the Office of the Prosecutor, the Financial Information Unit (FIU) and the Anti-Corruption Office (OA), who are claimants of the case, will present their opinion. But in addition, the court will send an official letter to the Corps of Expert Accountants of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, in which it will consult in what terms will be the final result of the expert's report.

With this response – judges are not required to follow the opinion of the Prosecutor's Office – they will decide whether to delay the start of the trial or ratify its start date, next February 26th at 12 noon. Judicial sources have told the media that if the answer is that in a short time, the experts present their report, the trial begins at the end of the month. But if they give a longer period, a new date will be set.

In his opinion, Luciani requested that the request for suspension be dismissed, that the initiation be ratified on February 26 and that the oral court should finalize all measures so that all pending evidence is in the case by then.

This is not the only proposal made by the defense of Cristina Kirchner, in charge of the lawyer Carlos Beraldi. He also asked that the case be not tried in the courts of Commodore Py, but in the court of Santa Cruz. The same request made the defense of Carlos Santiago Kirchner, a former employee of the Federal Planning Ministry, the cousin of the late ex-president Nestor Kirchner and who is arrested in the case. Promoter Luciani should give his opinion.

A similar proposal was made when the case was investigated. The defense of Báez asked to go to Santa Cruz and that adhered to the ex- president and current senator. Both the judge of the case, Julián Ercolini, as the Federal Chamber rejected and the file continued its processing in federal justice Buenos Aires.

Due to alleged irregularities in public works along with Cristina, Báez and Carlos Kirchner, another 13 people will be tried. Among them, at the top of the Federal Planning Ministry: Julio De Vido, José López, Abal Fatala and Nestor Periotti.

In the trial, it will be examined whether, during Kirchner's The Austral Group, of Báez, received irregularly 52 contracts of public works to the province of Santa Cruz for 46 billion pesos. The charge is for the crimes of illicit association and fraudulent administration aggravated because it was committed to the detriment of a public administration.

"I am in a position to affirm that we are faced with an event of undeniable institutional seriousness, given the details that make up the maneuver attributed to him, for during his years in office he allowed, through his inaction, that the various irregularities that managed to be unraveled and that made up a criminal plot of unusual complexity, they happened, "Judge Ercolini said in December 2016 when he sued Cristina Kirchner.

The former president and current senator has other pending cases. Already elevated to oral test by signing memorandum of understanding with Iran, future dollar, Los Sauces and andn soon will be for the Hotesur case. But, unlike public works, these files have no start date. In addition, it has confirmed processing in the cause of corners of corruption.


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