The proposal of Sofi Morandi to Marcelo after recognizing that Fran Tinelli seems "very cute"


The participant put humor in the situation and launched a proposal in the air. Will the driver's son accept?

The face to face of Sofi Morandi with Tinelli after recognizing that he liked his son Francisco

It was a very uncomfortable moment, but he managed to overcome it with a smile and his humor characteristic! after that Romina "Momi" Giardina, one of the dancers of ShowMatch and that he works as a panelist in The preview of the show (Monday to Friday at 8pm City Magazine) would release an audio in which Sofi Morandi recognize that you think you're cute Francisco Tinelli, the participant was face to face with her father in the air.

"First I want to highlight the codes that are in this WhatsApp group because I will never put anything else"Sofi began, something flushed at the time, before the cameras.

Sofi Morandi: "If we are the winners of this Dancing, we will Fran Tinelli dance in salsa in a trio with us next year".

Morandi recognized then that he did not realize that the young man who had caught his attention was nothing less than the presenter's son. "I said it looked really cool, congratulations Marcelo"he added as Tinelli joined the fun round trip.

So of course how far she wants to get on the show and hopefully take the title of champion with Julian Serrano, the famous instagramer launched an important proposal: "If we are the winners of this Dance, we dance in the sauce in trio with us next year"

you will accept Fran Tinelli to participate in Dancing 2019?


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