The PowerDolphin underwater drone is here to help


When you think of drones, you think of them flying in the sky, right? Well, that's just a kind of drone, this summer you can expect to find them underwater as well.

PowerVision is bringing its first multifunctional water drone to Australia, benefiting Australian fishermen, divers and water sports enthusiasts.

Equipped with a 220 ° two-way swivel camera, the PowerDolphin can capture 4K Ultra-High-Definition images in the heart of the surfing action. The camera can rotate 70 ° above water and 150 ° below water by sending real-time 1080 pixel wireless images to your phone via the Vision + application.

The drone has an impressive maximum transmission range of 1 km. Understandably, the drone will enter watercourses that are not the light blues seen in the press photos, to increase the chances of capturing great photos in various water conditions, the drone includes adjustable front lights.

PowerDolphin delivers a clever fishing experience with an integrated PowerSeeker that fishing enthusiasts will love. The PowerSeeker detects fish within a range of about 40m and travels through a reference point to the perfect fishing spot using the built-in sonar GPS to trace the ocean floor.

This cutting-edge technology will pull the hooks, attract the fish, drop baits and catch fish, reaching even more for a fishing rod. When the fish bites the bait, PowerDolphin will automatically drag itself onto the controller.

The PowerDolphin can travel at a speed of 5m per second, faster than the Olympic record of 100m freestyle. A useful technology for Australia's lifeguards, PowerDolphin uses three speed gears to remotely enable and remotely release life jackets, life buoys, and other rescue equipment quickly and efficiently. The drone acts as a rescuer and can reach swimmers in distress and maritime incidents before emergency services.

PowerVision revolutionized the drone industry and previously launched PowerRay, the world's first underwater drone. With a 4K UHD camera and streamlined design, it is capable of capturing dynamic videos and photos of life under the sea at an incredible depth of about 30m.

"PowerDolphin is a new lifestyle robot that is not only suitable for Australia's water sports, photography and fishing enthusiasts, but can also help protect the country's shores with rescue response.

PowerDolphin offers a new perspective of life under the sea and can help marine scientists with underwater mapping and help discover and document the marine life of Australia. "

Wally Zheng, founder and CEO of PowerVision.

PowerDolphin is available for pre-order now at It will cost you $ 1,299, which compares to many aerial drones.

The company also makes another underwater drone called Power Ray, which is available at for $ 2,299.

Now, in the run-up to Christmas, by the end of Dember, they offer a 30% discount on PowerRay.


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