Tuesday , July 27 2021

The plot of sexual abuse during a Duki show: the VIP bathroom and a mysterious man in black

Border city It was on the verge of overcapacity (some say on the other side of the allowed). The locals of Costa's biggest bowling had flown because that Friday morning, Duki, the absolute king of the local trap. Romina (the name is fictitious to protect your identity), Tourist cordovan of 20 years, he had bought with his friends a table in the VIP of the disco gesellina. As soon as the show started, the girl went to the bathroom. And behind him came a man in a black shirt with whom they talked: He locked her, covered her mouth, beat her and sexually abused her. Then he ran away. Nobody knew anything about him.

The rape occurred around 4am on Friday morning a VIP bathroom cabinet of the city limit. Product of the anguish and the state of shock, Romina vaguely remembers some details. But do not forget how everything happened. Sources with access to the archive confirmed what they had advanced yesterday to Infobae of the hospital in Villa Gesell: the girl had injuries due to carnal access and hematomas in the arms, as a consequence of the aggressor's restrictions.

Romina had met the rapist minutes before. According to early investigations, it was determined that the man did not buy one of the VIP tables (it cost $ 15,000 per night), but he agreed because he had a bracelet. They were talking. In a first statement the victim said they talked about 40 minutes, but when reviewing the safety videos of bowling with the researchers, he realized that it was much less time.

Regardless of, She entered the bathroom by herself. Probably because Duki was already singing, there was no one but Romina in place. When she stepped into one of the cabinets, the man appeared. He wore a black shirt and blue pants. I had no tattoos or piercings.

The man He grabbed her violently, covered her mouth, and began to blow her.. Romina he defended himself with kicks. He could not stop the man from penetrating her. When he finished, he left and she was shocked. Minutes later, he recovered and went to tell his friends, who were at the table they had bought. "It was a sexual assault, the fact was violent and left sequels ", he said Infobae one of the investigators of the case.

After a while, the girl went to report the incident to the Pueblo Limite surveillance personnel, who immediately notified the local police. The situation reached the promoter of Pinamar Juan Pablo Calderón, who was in service (then passed on to his colleague Veronica Zamboni) at 6 o'clock in the morning.

At that time, the police had already done operating screw in the accesses of Villa Gesell to find the aggressor. They were not successful. As of Friday specialists from the Province of Buenos Aires and the Public Prosecutor's Office analyze all the details of the security cameras of Pueblo Limite. Romina is detected at all times she described. It can not be found.

His clothing was common, and he had no clothing brand identifications. They know what it is. Buenos Aires or Buenos Aires – "by the melody," said Romina, "which has a dark complexion. But it lacks particular characteristics: neither tattoos nor piercings.

Romina also watched the videos, but that did not help for the time being. Promoter Zamboni made a statement to all the girl's friends. "The victim gave data that coincide with two children, it is difficult because the fact left her in a situation of deep anguish," admitted sources of the case.

The police of the Scientific Police reviewed the scene of the crime. There they found "many traits", according to a source told that medium. They found bloodstains and other elements. However, the investigators are worried because there are no witnesses: the bathroom was empty when the man attacked Romina, who has already returned to Córdoba with his family.

From the account of Instagram of Pueblo Limite a statement was issued. There they recognized the facts and explained that they are "at the disposal of the victim, his family and the investigators".

The night of Duki It was far from being the best of mythical gypsum bowling. Several young people reported "avalanches" and overbooking on social networks. Some referred to as "Another Cro-Magnon".

In the published statement and then deleted they even acknowledged that there were injured is that "warns that the physical integrity of competitors has been put at risk" They finally cut the sound and canceled the show.

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