The pizzeria repudiated the video of Aníbal Fernández's escrache for the four clients


January 15, 2019

The restaurant where the event happened issued a statement and said "no political banner plays". He told how he proceeded that day.

Pizzeria La Americana

On Monday, a video that shared the Former Kirchnerist Anibal Fernández where you hear a group of people sing against the presidency of Mauricio Macri. In it, four women are observed who continue to eat and do not join in the songs.

Many Twitter users were annoyed by female escrache, while others wrote thator they should go to this pizzeria more because it is always "full of Kirchner", which is a meeting point for Peronists, among others.

After that, the pizzeria La Americana issued a statement to repudiate the posted video and recounted how its employees continued at the time.

PRESS RELEASE / GACETELLA La Granja has no political banner …

Posted by Pizzeria La Americana on Monday, January 14, 2019

"The American Pizzeria has no political flag", Begins the communiqués that the company has released on its social networks.

Continues: "During all these years, supporters of radicalism, Peronism, change, fans of Boca / Rio, people for and against abortion have approached. We welcome all of them with the doors open and our only concern is to provide good service"

In reference to what happened at the same time that people were singing, they said, "In the video it is not shown that the attendant later approached the person who was filming and bothering the women to stop doing it. As a result, he stopped filming"

"In recent times, asking people not to sing is taken as an act of censorship and the only thing it generates is more violence. That is why, given these situations, we do not intervene and allow people to express themselves, as long as they do not affect the good habits and well-being of the clients who are in the place.", He closed the text.

In turn, they stated that the pizzeria "does not foment and repudiate any act of violence, be it physical or verbal, and does not discriminate against any client".

Despite the apologies, the comments on Facebook after the apologies did not settle for people who continue to accuse the place of "accomplices," "fascists," "liars," among others.

However, since the place is in a pizzeria in Buenos Aires, Aníbal Fernández wrote in his tweet that the event occurred in the MDQ – in reference to Mar del Plata.


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