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February 10, 2019

La Blonda shared a post on his Instagram account and surprised his followers with a little-known stage in his life.

Laurita Fernández Tapa

Laurita Fernández He decided to send a photo where he is seen in his childhood participating in a dance show. The blonde was already prominent in dance at an early age and led the choreographies in which she participated.

Artist like your great gift at "Sugar" which has been a hit in Corrientes street and is now one of the biggest box office Silver Sea. In addition, in 2018, he participated as a jury in the Dancing program in which she had been a dancer and champion of the contest. In addition, Laurita Fernández remains at the center of criticism about his professional development.

Before these sentences, the dancer got tired of the questions and in an interview with the Caras Magazine He played: "Why always the doubt that I slept with someone? It's more of a problem for the other than my"

Scandal! The reason why Laurita Fernández will not lead the Starfish awards

Many colleagues in the media called it "extended"AND"climber"So he decided to make his release:"This was in dance, not in other places. Yes, it's true that when I started dating Nico, they said that I was actually dating Gustavo Yankelevich. Nobody thought that Gustavo could choose me for the artistic!"Explained the dancer.

The contest submission appears days after this interview and may have been a confirmation of his effort over many years to achieve the recognition he has today in the art world.

Laurita Fernández

In a few hours, the image has won over 33,000 "tastings" and hundreds of comments highlighting the virtues of income, as well as supporting it against criticism from many of its colleagues. The artist has more than 3.6 million followers in her Instagram account.


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