The party that "played" Osella: how the Belgrano coach convinced reinforcements


Diego Osella he played his own match in the summer pass market and was one of the top players at the time of hiring, at least so with football players who came to Belgrano.

Even one of the new Belgrano admitted that Osella does not "see", as will be seen in a statement later in this note.

The coach said a few days ago that it was due "change to take chances"And when the team was licensed on December 10, after losing with the local tiger 2 to 1, quickly began to work in pursuit of what he had understood as a priority to take the chances he speaks.

Before the tournament ended, he had already met with the leaders and members of the technical secretariat to give the list of ups and downs, but he did not just keep what was said in that conclave, but quickly did his part and He spoke with several of them to join the Pirate project.

"I have many expectations. The call of Diego Osella was very important and the interest that the club showed for me"said the defender Marcelo Herrera, who was the first to join the "B". From the dialogue with the center, the DT had said that the player had told him: "We did it on Olympus, let's do it here", making it clear that I could count on him.

The same happened with Marcelo Meli, who knew the coach of Colón and also willingly accepted the challenge of joining the Celeste project, so he promised to "give me a hand," said coach of former midfielder Boca.

Mauricio Cuero It was another who talked a lot with the DT and the newcomer Gabriel Gudiño he synthesized assuring that "he gave me confidence" and that many times the decision of the player goes through the words of the technicians and that in his case "convinced me".

"The most important thing is that he is sincere and direct, he told me what the situation was like and what he wants from me and from each of those who come in. Besides, he told me that he wanted the players to leave everything at the moment and these words fill me, because there is another technician talking to you talking to you or wanting to buy with other things", Concluded the steering wheel technician.

The seven reinforcements of Belgrano

Marcelo Herrera

Defender of 26 years that comes to lend of the Lanús. He was born in General San Martín, province of Buenos Aires. He has 89 Primera matches and scored two goals.

Besides Lanús, he had a brief visit to Talleres and also to Olympus. Herrera may be one of Osella's central defenders.

Mauricio Cuero

The 25-year-old Colombian striker comes from playing for Olimpia in Paraguay, despite his pass being Santos Laguna from Mexico. In his career, he was also in Olimpo, Banfield, Levante F. C. (Spain), Tijuana (Mexico) and, of course, Santos Laguna.

Reaches a loan for six months. He comes to be Suarez's companion in front. It moves across the front of attack.

Marcelo Meli

The 26-year-old midfielder, born in Salto, comes to lend from Racing Club for six months with an option to buy. In 2018 he played in Vitória do Brasil.

He comes to be "the player" in the midfield, which can generate football that the team did not have in the first part of the season.

He acknowledged that DT Diego Osella persuaded him to come to Belgrano.

Anthony Uribe

The 28-year-old Venezuelan striker also loaned the club for a year. You can play across the front of the attack, although the center-to-front position is the most comfortable for you.

He played in Zamora F. C. of the First Division of Venezuela, where he was champion in 2018, scoring 16 goals in 30 games.

It could be Team 9 if Suarez drops a few meters on the offensive. And I could even make a pair with Cuero if Suarez did not play. Is Osella going to be encouraged to put the three up?

Christian Almeida

The 29-year-old Uruguayan left-back arrives for a year in Defense and Justice. Belgrano has an option to buy the pass.

He has 167 official matches in his career, which began in Liverpool, Uruguay. It arrives to be the left side of the team.

Juan Patiño

The 29-year-old Paraguayan defender has been loaned from Racing for six months with an option to buy Belgrano.

He has almost 200 official matches in his career and comes from starting at Olimpia in Paraguay. Paint to be one of the team's two defenders.

Gabriel Gudiño

The 26-year-old midfielder, born in Porteña (Córdoba), arrives on loan from San Lorenzo for a year with an option to buy Belgrano.

He warned that he is getting to be the "8" of the team, which was decided after several calls from DT Diego Osella and he hopes to contribute with his experience.

He played in Federal Tire of Morteros, in Las Palmas, Julio de Morteros, Libertad de Sunchales, Athletic Rafaela and San Lorenzo.


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